Proposal: Using Scalar in the Composition Classroom

Scalar can be a powerful tool for producing a multimodal project. However, its interface is less than intuitive and can prove intimidating to students with little or no experience with digital composition. In this session, we’ll discuss techniques for generating _Scalar_ project prompts appropriate to an undergraduate (and especially a freshman) audience, ways of integrating _Scalar_ training into class meetings, and modes of assessment. In the process, we’ll try our hand at using the _Scalar_ interface and manipulating and annotating media within _Scalar_.

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About Bernadette Guthrie

Recently finished my doctoral work at Cornell's English department, where my work focused on the relationship between nineteenth-century British poetry and the history of secularization. Presently teaching a first-year writing seminar entitled "Machine Reading/Reading Machines" that marks my most sustained attempt to introduce undergraduates to DH practices and history.