Proposal: Using Scalar with Media-Intensive Projects

Do you have research or archival finds that you’re ready to take online? Whether it’s making public a collection of objects or sharing a more developed project with others in your field, Scalar, a free and open-source online publishing platform, is one of many available options for creating a dynamic and engaging presentation of your materials.

In this session, we’ll work with some of Scalar’s basic features to not only introduce any newcomers to the fundamentals of the platform but also engage those somewhat familiar with it in discussions of what projects might be best suited to it. Particular emphasis will be placed on the incorporation of media files—one of the Scalar’s strengths—in areas as diverse as annotating sound or video files, importing images from collections already linked to the Scalar platform, and, perhaps most importantly, placing and linking these files throughout a project. We’ll also look at a number of works created using the platform, ranging from the pedagogical to the critical to the exploratory and artistic.

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I'm a PhD student at Cornell University in the Department of Romance Studies focusing on the literature of the Southern Cone. Sound studies, photography, and digital humanities are all interests that