Proposal: Omeka

Have a collection of materials (images, pdfs, sound recordings, videos, other files) you would like to archive or exhibit online? Omeka is free, open source software that can help you document your own collections or primary source materials you are researching. Using this innovative software developed for scholars, build collections of texts, images, or multimedia, and display content through galleries, with curatorial annotations, on maps, and more. Attendees will learn the basics while creating a small digital collection and online exhibition. Bring a laptop (NOT an iPad or other tablet). Learn more about Omeka at and 60 minutes.

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About Susette Newberry

Susette is the Assistant Director of Research & Learning Services, Art Librarian, and the Library's grants officer for the humanities and social sciences at Cornell. She coordinates the Olin and Uris Libraries workshops program, and teaches Cornell's Omeka workshop.