Proposal: “Signal to Code” Media Art Exhibit Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the the exhibit “Signal to Code: 50 Years of Media Art in the Rose Goldsen Archive” with one of the exhibit’s curators.  This exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to experience more than 60 original electronic and digital artworks involving video, sound, complex interactive multimedia and the Internet. The exhibition also features posters, pamphlets and other materials documenting the international history of artists, granting agencies, and cultural centers that have supported experimental media work across disciplines, artistic boundaries, and geopolitical zones.

Depending on participants’ interests, discussion might include such topics as:

  • Central New York’s important role in the development of media art
  • Technological experimentation and the arts
  • Challenges of teaching and reasearch using historical (obsolete) media formats
  • Developing digital preservation infrastructure needed to support such research collections
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About Madeleine Casad

I'm a digital scholarship librarian at a research university; my educational background is in literature, visual studies, and media. I believe that building stronger interdisciplinary connections between technology and humanities is an ongoing grassroots challenge that can enrich everyone. The more conversation and collaboration, the better!