Let’s Build an Edition!

Related to my other proposal—a sort of general discussion of text encoding—I wonder if anyone would be interested in trying to put ideas about text encoding into practice by trying to imagine into existence a small mini-edition of some interesting but neglected text.1 We would need to thing through the entire process: questions of textual scholarship (what state of a text to represent; what annotations or apparatus does it need to be useful to readers; in what formats should be encoded; what outputs can/should we provide; how/where could it be hosted).

We probably wouldn’t have enough time to complete such an endeavour, but we would have enough time to get started.

  1. As a starting suggestion for a text that could benefit from such an edition, I don’t think Hope Mirrlees’s early twentieth-century poem Paris has a good digital representation on the web right now—though a rather raw looking PDF is available.)
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